Work by hilmanski

πŸ•Ά Showing Up
All in one productivity app online, to help you, show up every day.

πŸ’» Bikin-Bikin Club
A community for maker/indiehacker from Indonesia

πŸ’¬ Discussbase
An open-source forum. Create discussion platform and deploy it completely free, Using β€œSeven-stack”(Supabase, Vercel and Next.js). Simplicity first. Focus on your discussion

πŸŒ‘ Mini-SSG
Simple static site generator that helps you write reusable html files

πŸ’Έ FreeStuff for Dev
List of free stuff for developer. Built with hugo-SSG /Open resource here/

🏝 PuloDev
My friend and I, want to collect all learning resources for programmer in Indonesian language. Through this website, people can save one link to their content or submit RSS and we’ll automate when there is new content available. /Code available here/

πŸͺ inispace [shutdown Nov-2020]
I made linktree-like website, to help small business in Indonesia collect all their social media or any important links in one place. I shutdown this after 3 months running with around 1000 customers (free) , since I don’t think I want to spend so many times on this project at that time. Here is how the site looks like youtube video

πŸŒ‡ Little Makassar
Mini sites I made for fun, to collect interesting organization/places in my hometown, Makassar.

🐨 SekolahKoding
An online course and forum to learn coding in Indonesian. I teach basic-intermediate programming here. The sites made from scratch with laravel and javascript.